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Brewing Solutions for Your Office Breakrooms. Let your employees enjoy a Saint Jimmy's coffee break.

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Serve premium hot beverages at your retail store. Install a revolutionary coffee station by Saint Jimmy's at your retail store.

Saint Jimmy's Coffee for Restaurant

Bespoke beverages for your restaurant. Start serving exceptional coffee at your restaurants with Saint Jimmy's

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Whether you are looking for a reliable commercial coffee solution or an ultimate breakroom experience at the workplace, Saint Jimmy's will help you make a difference.

For Office

Improve business productivity, deliver a better breakroom experience to your employees at work.

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Enhance the customer experience at your restaurant with our reliable and efficient coffee solutions.

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Everything you need to create a great coffee experience for your customers.

Discover our
premium collection of

20+ flavors of coffee,

tea and hot chocolate.

Savor the taste of finest roasted coffee with Saint Jimmy's. Enjoy our specially crafted coffee flavors that have a unique character of its own. Experience our 20+ invigorating flavors.

Google's Number 1 Rated

Coffee in Canada

Saint Jimmy’s has been satisfying your caffeine cravings at over 1000+ locations with over 20+ premium flavors. With the highest rating of 4.9 on google reviews by our valuable customers, we are officially the number one coffee brand in Canada.

Jeffrey W
Jeffrey W
02:23 23 Feb 24
Cannot seem to stop drinking the Hot Chocolate. I absolutely love it & would definitely recommend trying it.
Lovepreet Kaur
Lovepreet Kaur
16:05 13 Feb 24
I tried their hot chocolate it’s rich and smooth, would recommend everyone to give it a try.
Martin P
Martin P
15:52 09 Jul 21

800+ Retails

Serving finest, authentic coffees at independently owned convenience stores and service stations.

100+ Offices

Inspiring a coffee culture at work with our fully stocked breakroom supplies.

100+ Restaurants

Craft a rich and flavorful cup of hot beverages to impress your coffee connoisseur.

The Story Behind Our True Flavors

Find out what goes into the making of bold and aromatic flavors of Saint Jimmy's Coffee and Tea. From our selection of beans to the art of roasting, read more to find out how we create the perfect blend of flavourful coffee experience. For tea lovers, we have specially curated natural flavors with organic ingredients, and real bits of fruit and flowers too.



with Saint Jimmy’s

At Saint Jimmy’s, we take sustainability and corporate responsibility seriously. Join us in our efforts to save our planet earth by recycling K-cup pods. It's your chance to make your coffee habit greener. We are determined to reduce our environmental footprint. With our 100% recyclable K-cup pods, you get to enjoy the same great taste and be a part of our green initiative.


Hear what Our Clients say about Jimmy's Coffee

Since the installation of the Saint Jimmy's Coffee unit, we have experienced a surge in our business. The unit is sleek and professional looking set up and it has a vast array of beverages. I've gotten lots of positive feedback from a variety of customers. The children just love hot chocolate. The Saint Jimmy's Grand Opening brought a lot of foot traffic to our location, of which we continue to profit from an ongoing basis. Sales have noticeably increased with most products, as well as the new coffee sales have increased our bottom line. If you are looking to boost your bottom line, I highly recommend the service.

Salam Al Shikarchy,

Esso Owner

As a business owner, I am extremely amazed at the service and product installation. Firstly, let me say that I am pleasantly surprised by the number of customers that we have received and continue to see daily enjoying your vast selection of coffees and teas. The staff that you sent us to do the Grand opening did an amazing job too. I am thrilled with the revenue that your product has created for our store. I look so very forward to working with you over the years ahead. Keep up the good work, and please sincerely thank your staff on my behalf. If you are ever in the area and need a great cup of coffee...feel free to stop by!

Tom Logan

Owner Tommy's Downtown

In all the years I have been in business, I’ve never really felt an overwhelming urge to write a letter of thank you. However, I am happily doing so in this case. I have to say your team exceeded all expectations. As product launches go, I’d really have to tip my hat to you guys. The number of people showing up for the Grand Opening took both myself and my staff by surprise. Thank you. Ironically, we had coffee for sale in our store before from one of your competitors, and you folks have quadrupled our coffee sales in just a few weeks. Our customers really enjoy your coffee. I so look forward to working with you in the years ahead. The truck came a few days ago and put up the sign. It looks great.

Raed Sara

Petro Canada Owner

I stopped in to try your new coffee and loved it! Not only do you offer a ton of selection, but your prices are very affordable! I tried the caramel flavour n it was great - not too sweet, very subtle. I'll definitely be a loyal customer.

Jennifer Levesque

A Convenience Store Customer

I believe in Saint Jimmy's Organization. As a business owner, I have received good feedback from customers. It's convenient and great quality. I appreciate all the business development support I've received today from Angelica. She gave me many great recommendations on how I can improve my business and how to help it grow. After renovations in my store, I can't wait to have her revisit and see her plans come to light.

Neilon Alexander

A Business Owner

I Partnered Saint Jimmy's Organization, and as a business owner, I have received good feedback from customers. It's convenient and great quality. I appreciate the support from the business development department I've received today from business development manager Angelica. She gave me many great recommendations on how I can improve my business and how to help it grow.

Domi K

A Business Owner

Our Satisfied Retail Partners

Thank you to our supporting partners, Saint Jimmy's is one of North America’s fastest-growing coffee company. Our proud associations with small businesses in our country have helped us flourish. They have helped us create amazing coffee programs and cater to a wider group of coffee connoisseurs. We are more than just a coffee station at your retail store, we are the brand that delivers Canada’s best coffee with the push of a button!

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