Tips on How to Become A Barista
May 6, 2020

Tips on How to Become A Barista

Dreaming of a coffee career? Want to be surrounded by happy customers, the smell of freshly ground
coffee and a warm, welcoming ambiance? Does coffee excite you? Being a barista is indeed one of the
most trickiest jobs in the hospitality industry. It’s not as simple as brewing a delicious cup of coffee in a
Keurig brewing system.
Who is Barista?
The word barista has an Italian origin and is used to describe a bartender who makes hot espresso-based
drinks that are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic in nature. If you are up to take on this new phase in
career and brew the best coffee possible, you must continue reading this blog. As a barista, it’s
important to stay curious and excited about coffee. Always focus on developing and refining your
techniques. Once you have mastered these barista basics, venture out to experiment with new flavors
and to add your special touch.
Top 5 tips on how to become a barista

  1. Start by excelling in coffee
    To become a good barista, it’s imperative to know your subject matter at its best. You should be well
    versed in every single offering on the menu. This will help you give recommendations to new customers
    and you become the coffee expert.
  2. Learn from your mistakes
    You may spill the latte over the counter, you may pull the mug out of the brewing system before it’s
    completion, but who doesn’t make mistakes? Don’t take a step back for every mistake you make,
    consider them as your learning. Realize what went wrong and rectify your error.
  3. Practice constantly
    Start as a home barista, practice your skills to perfection. Whether you enjoy creating new flavors or
    perfecting the latte art, practice is crucial. If you have a passion for coffee, watch YouTube videos or
    contact experts to inspire yourself and to excel at the techniques.
  4. Smile often

Brighten your customers daily with a simple gesture – smile! Interact with them and build a rapport. This
will eventually contribute to an increase in your loyal customer base and an increase in tips.

  1. Store the bean appropriately
    Oxidation is detrimental to the beans. It affects the taste of your coffee after they’ve been brewed. Once
    coffee beans are exposed to oxygen, it will increase the number of electrons which will lead to water
    down the taste. As a barista, it’s your responsibility to store the beans in an airtight, zip lock bags.

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