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Try Our 06 Months Trial Program For Restaurants

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Great coffee is always an exceptional start to customer satisfaction. With Saint Jimmy's coffee, it's your opportunity to grow revenue and keep your customers satisfied. We offer a full suite of coffee solution for your restaurant to entice your customers.

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Nothing brings people together like a good cup of coffee. It is more than an experience. Equip your restaurants with high-performing, quality brewing solutions from Saint Jimmy's. From personalized coffee programs to have the right equipment, we'll provide you everything you need to get started!

Signature Collections

Our Signature Collection is an exciting way to experience hot beverages with Saint Jimmy's. Offer your customers a premium coffee experience at your restaurant with our exclusive merchandise. The Signature Collection features high-quality porcelain coffee cups, specially designed thermal mugs together with classic coasters. Our customizable LED menu is an exceptional tool to elevate your restaurant business. These stunning boards can be tuned to showcase your restaurant menu. That's not all! Whether your customers are looking for an exquisite gift or some new beans and grounds to explore, our Premium Coffee Roasts Boxes are a great choice.

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20+ flavours of coffee,

Tea & Hot Chocolate.


Why Choose Saint Jimmy's for Your Restaurant?

Need more reasons? Here's why you must consider our coffee program for your restaurant!


Rechargeable LED menu to provide an attractive and clear view even in dark.

0 Calorie

All our beverage items are 0 calorie. Almost 99% of people would love to have it.

Fresh Brew

You can enjoy a truly fresh- brewed experience in every cup.


Serve your customers with a transcendent dessert and pair it together with a premium cup of Saint Jimmy's coffee.


A minimum space of 2X4 is only required at your space to set up our all in one coffee station


Provide your diners with a sea of delicious premium coffee options that will entice them to come back for more.

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    Google's Number 1 Rated

    Coffee in Canada

    Saint Jimmy's has been satisfying your caffeine cravings at over 1000+ locations with over 20+ premium flavors. With the highest rating of 4.9 on google reviews by our valuable customers, we are officially the number one coffee brand in Canada.

    Jeffrey W
    Jeffrey W
    02:23 23 Feb 24
    Cannot seem to stop drinking the Hot Chocolate. I absolutely love it & would definitely recommend trying it.
    Lovepreet Kaur
    Lovepreet Kaur
    16:05 13 Feb 24
    I tried their hot chocolate it’s rich and smooth, would recommend everyone to give it a try.
    Martin P
    Martin P
    15:52 09 Jul 21

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    It's time to inspire the decision-maker at your restaurant to serve a good cup of premium coffee to your diners. Send a pre-written note to help them discover our wide range of services and beverage selection. All you need to do is drop them a hint.

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    The Story Behind Our True Flavors

    Find out what goes into the making of bold and aromatic flavors of Saint Jimmy's Coffee and Tea. From our selection of beans to the art of roasting, read more to find out how we create the perfect blend of flavorful coffee experience.

    Save The planet with Saint Jimmy’s

    Recylable Kpods – Support Green Environment

    At Saint Jimmy’s, we take sustainability and corporate responsibility seriously. Join us in our efforts to save our planet earth by recycling K-cup pods. It's your chance to make your coffee habit greener.

    'Sip A Cup - Save A Child' World Vision Program

    At Saint Jimmy's, we believe in giving back to society and building a better world for children. Over the last 10 years, we have actively sponsored less fortunate children to achieve their dreams through our ongoing partnership with World Vision Canada.


    Customers are the center of our universe. We love helping our customers succeed in business. Here are some customer testimonials to validate our service.

    We are extremely glad to have associated with Saint Jimmy's Coffee. When we started serving coffee at our restaurant, we wanted to offer our customers a range of choices in flavors that they could enjoy after a good meal. Just as we expected, Saint Jimmy's coffee has helped increase our repeat customers and give them more choice of beverages. This partnership is definitely going to last long!.

    Salam Al Shikarchy

    Esso Owner

    From installation to replenishing the stock, Saint Jimmy's coffee takes care of everything. All we have to do is focus on serving our customers with a smile. Their technicians and service experts are just a call away. We can absolutely run our restaurant business stress-free.

    Neilon Alexander

    A Business Owner

    Thanks to Saint Jimmy's, our customers love the different flavors of coffee and tea we offer. Hot chocolate is an instant hit among children. Installing Saint Jimmy's coffee machine at our restaurant was one of the best business decisions. Our customers keep coming back for a superior coffee experience.

    Domi K.

    A Business Owner

    Smooth installation, amazing flavors, and stress-free maintenance are some of the key reasons why we stick with Saint Jimmy's coffee station. Their carefully selected flavors are loved by our customers. We are happy with the 24/7 customer service that they offer, it has ensured minimal downtime. Also, their fancy LED menu is quite attractive and convenient to display the food and beverages that are available.

    Jennifer Levesque

    A Business Owner

    Our customers keep coming back for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Saint Jimmy's coffee station helps us brew the perfect cup of coffee in no time. It's extremely convenient to use and clean. Also, no direct plumbing is required to set it up. We love how their coffee stations are easy to use and program. We have worked with a few other coffee station providers in the past, but Saint Jimmy's have been the best by far. We hope this partnership continues.

    Raed Sara

    A Business Owner

    Our Partners

    Thank you to our supporting partners, Saint Jimmy's is one of North America’s fastest-growing coffee company. Our proud associations with small businesses in our country have helped us flourish. They have helped us create amazing coffee programs and cater to a wider group of coffee connoisseurs. We are more than just a coffee station at your retail store, we are the brand that delivers Canada’s best coffee with the push of a button!