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Boost productivity at work

Try our 90 day trial program for offices

Save Up to 50% of Your Break Room Cost

Reward their hard work and make them feel home

Enjoy Up to 20+ Flavors and Healthy Choices

Flavors to fall in love with - something for everyone, every day!

Boost productivity at work

Try our 90 day trial program for offices

What's in it for your workplace?

Rejuvenate your office breakroom into a premium experience for your employees. Our coffee programs are designed for a hassle-free brewing.

  • Over 20+ flavor selection in hot beverages
  • Featured offering for offices of all sizes
  • Commercial-grade coffee machine
  • No effort fresh cup of coffee
  • Easy recyclable k-pods
  • No upfront Fees


    Why Choose Saint Jimmy's for Your Office?

    Need more reasons? Here's why you must consider our coffee program for your retailors!

    Easy Refill

    Deliveries on Consignment. The stock will be filled automatically.

    0 Calorie

    Enjoy a guilt-free cup of coffee. All our beverages are 0 calories.

    Fresh Brew

    You can enjoy a truly fresh- brewed experience in every cup.

    All Automated

    Connect water lines and the machine to any given sizes.

    Small Footprint

    Set up your coffee station in a minimal space of 2X4 sq. ft.

    Discover Our
    Premium Collection

    20+ flavours of coffee,

    Tea & Hot Chocolate.


    Saint Jimmys coffee for your workplace

    Improve employee engagement with an enhanced breakroom experience. Give your employees a superior coffee experience with Saint Jimmy's coffee station at the workplace. Get started with our customized coffee program today!


    Google's Number 1 Rated

    Coffee in Canada

    Saint Jimmy's has been satisfying your caffeine cravings at over 1000+ locations with over 20+ premium flavors. With the highest rating of 4.9 on google reviews by our valuable customers, we are officially the number one coffee brand in Canada.

    Jeffrey W
    Jeffrey W
    02:23 23 Feb 24
    Cannot seem to stop drinking the Hot Chocolate. I absolutely love it & would definitely recommend trying it.
    Lovepreet Kaur
    Lovepreet Kaur
    16:05 13 Feb 24
    I tried their hot chocolate it’s rich and smooth, would recommend everyone to give it a try.
    Martin P
    Martin P
    15:52 09 Jul 21

    Drop a Hint

    A recent study has found that 61% of employees feel their employers care about office well-being when hot beverages are provided. Be an office hero, nominate your workspace for a renewed coffee experience with Saint Jimmy's.

    The Story Behind Our True Flavors

    Find out what goes into the making of bold and aromatic flavors of Saint Jimmy's Coffee and Tea. From our selection of beans to the art of roasting, read more to find out how we create the perfect blend of flavorful coffee experience.

    Save The planet with Saint Jimmy’s

    Recylable Kpods – Support Green Environment

    At Saint Jimmy’s, we take sustainability and corporate responsibility seriously. Join us in our efforts to save our planet earth by recycling K-cup pods. It's your chance to make your coffee habit greener.

    'Sip A Cup - Save A Child' World Vision Program

    At Saint Jimmy's, we believe in giving back to society and building a better world for children. Over the last 10 years, we have actively sponsored less fortunate children to achieve their dreams through our ongoing partnership with World Vision Canada.


    Customers are the center of our universe. We love helping our customers succeed in business. Here are some customer testimonials to validate our service.

    During an employee survey conducted at our office, one of the key action points indicated that our employees wanted an upgrade to the breakroom supplies. While looking for recommendations, we stumbled upon Saint Jimmy's coffee for workplaces. Now, our employees start their day with a refreshing sip of Saint Jimmy's coffee. Overall, great flavors!.

    Salam Al Shikarchy

    Esso Owner

    Very impressed with the service of Saint Jimmy's coffee. We had their team visit our office, recommend a breakroom coffee solution and next thing we know, they were at our office installing. Love their selection of flavors, ease of replenishment, on-time maintenance, and most importantly, their budget-friendly breakroom solution.

    Neilon Alexander

    A Business Owner

    An impressive and large variety of coffee and tea flavors. For those of you who enjoy extra sweetness, there's hot chocolate too. Great set up and service for an amazing price. This workplace friendly coffee set up by Saint Jimmy's is highly recommended. Every coffee break for our employees is now a rewarding experience. Keep up the great work.

    Domi K.

    A Business Owner

    Our Partners

    Thank you to our supporting partners, Saint Jimmy's is one of North America’s fastest-growing coffee company. Our proud associations with small businesses in our country have helped us flourish. They have helped us create amazing coffee programs and cater to a wider group of coffee connoisseurs. We are more than just a coffee station at your retail store, we are the brand that delivers Canada’s best coffee with the push of a button!