Five Reasons Why the Office Coffee program Matters
May 6, 2020

Five Reasons Why the Office Coffee program Matters

New employees and clients often judge your workplace based on the coffee that is being served and the
breakroom ambiance. Today, coffee culture blends well with the work culture. It’s often mentioned as a
perk at workspaces. Although, some old school companies still consider breakroom supplies as an
unwanted expense, it has both a direct and indirect impact in your workplace. Don’t believe us? Here
are five reasons why office coffee programs actually matter.

  1. It reflects your corporate value. Often employees start their work with a good cup of coffee and
    so are the innovative ideas that are derived from a productive brainstorming session. If your
    organization values innovation, quality, empathy, care for employees, a fully equipped
    breakroom is a great way to showcase your core values. Make it a part of your organizations’
  2. Improves productivity and reduces wastage of time. If you don’t have a fully equipped
    breakroom, your employees may head out to the nearest coffee shop. Every employee needs a
    short break from their rigorous work. Having an in-house self-serve cafe avoids your employees
    from wasting their time driving to the coffee shop and back. It increases their productivity and
    helps them focus on their work deliverables.
  3. Encourage cross-departmental networking and strengthen employee collaboration over a good
    cup of coffee. A centralized breakroom enables your employees to bond together without the
    roles and hierarchy. Coffee is undoubtedly one of the best conversation starters. It’s the best
    way to know your co-worker and build your network at your workplace.
  4. Great for employees’ mental wellbeing. There’s no denying that work can sometimes be a little
    overwhelming. A relaxing coffee break helps your employees better manage stress levels, build
    social connections and even boost output. A good coffee program at work is highly
    recommended for employee wellness and efficiency.
  5. Shows the organizations’ commitment to enhancing everyday employee experience at work.
    Flexibility and perks are highly valued by employees. Something as simple as a fully stocked
    breakroom can boost your employees’ productivity and make them feel valued at your

You’ll notice how best places to work have incorporated a reliable coffee program for their employees. It
continues to show positive results on employee wellness and productivity. If you are considering an
upgrade to your office breakroom with the best coffee in Canada, get inspired by Saint Jimmy’s coffee
program for workplaces. Our coffee programs are customized to fit the needs of our clients and
extremely budget-friendly. Reach out to us today!

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